El Rio Foundation Update

We are delighted to hear such positive news from El Rio Foundation in Colombia.

The Foundation’s goal at the start of its Academic Tutoring Programme in January 2022 was to improve the education of 24 local primary school children. Thanks to the support of the LATA Foundation, they have now been able to expand the programme to involve an average of 79 children attending Tutoring across five communities each week.

Despite a number of logistical challenges, El Rio Foundation has hit its key targets for the number of children attending (79), and hours of teaching a week (28), and children
from all communities continue to make excellent academic progress.

The Academic Tutoring Programme has received amazing feedback from participants, teachers and most importantly parents

Highlights from the past term include opening Tutoring in the neighbouring town of Guachaca, having a bigger focus and more coordinated approach for individuals needing additional support, and building a new roof in Villacuisa ahead of the rainy season.

We look forward to providing further positive updates on El Rio Foundation’s Tutoring Programme at a later date.