Just a Drop – Nicaragua

Location – Las Cruces Village, El Sauce Nicaragua

The Project – Just a Drop provides practical, sustainable, and community-led water solutions to some of the poorest communities around the world. In Nicaragua, Just a Drop have completed 20 projects, helping 4,935 people.

The LATA Foundation is partnering with Just a Drop in 2023 on a project to restore a watershed in the drought-prone village of Las Cruces. The project is part of a 10-year programme to build piped water systems for local communities.

Watersheds are vital to the community, but climate change is having a negative effect, damaging the local watersheds with frequent flooding. This threatens access to safe water and in turn access to food sources.

In order to improve rainwater infiltration and keep streams full, Just a Drop and the village’s residents will construct 300 metres of terracing, plant two nurseries and three family gardens and transplant 6,000 native trees. An additional 500 grafted fruit trees will improve access to nutritious food sources.

The proposed activities will help the community by creating a sustainable agricultural practice, rejuvenate damaged land and restore stream flow, securing water and food access and making them less vulnerable to climate change.

Our support – The LATA Foundation is donating funds for the transplantation of 6000 native trees.

How you can help? –  £25 covers the cost of transplanting 50 native trees.  Donate here

Further information – Since 1998 Just a Drop have helped 1.9 million people, delivering over 400 community-led water solution projects across 32 countries.