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Healing Venezuela

Location – Venezuela

The ProjectThe LATA Foundation were delighted to support Healing Venezuela initially in a campaign aimed at helping vulnerable young girls and women in the Barquisimeto region of Venezuela. Traditionally a strong tourist destination, the area has suffered great deprivation over recent years. The programme brings hope and a better quality of life to the young women able to benefit from the family planning and sexual education scheme, and take control of their circumstances, via the local partner NGO in Venezuela, ALAPLAF.

Healing Venezuela works closely with local medical teams across the country, to bring personnel, equipment and specialist knowledge together to improve the lives of those needing help as the humanitarian crisis deepens throughout Venezuela. Since the pandemic, our support for Healing Venezuela has continued throughout 2020 with supplies of PPE going to hospitals in great need.

Our support – In 2021 will now be working with the UK management team of Healing Venezuela to support 125 Junior Doctors in Venezuela, as they man the front line of healthcare. Because of the exodus of more than 50% of medical staff (doctors, nurses and technicians), Junior Doctors are vital to run state hospitals in Venezuela and provide medical care to the vast majority who can´t afford private care in the country, but the salary of Junior Doctors can vary between just $8 and $15 per month. We are delighted to be able to help fund some of their living costs during 2021 during these particularly dark days for Venezuela.

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