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Condor Trust

Location – Quito, Ecuador

The Project – Over recent years, Condor Trust has helped around 100 young Ecuadorians attend secondary school and/or higher education. Some of the first students taken on during the early years of the project have graduated from university and now flourish in professional jobs, demonstrating how successful the whole cycle of support can be. 
Our Support – Our funds allow the provision of uniform, books and school materials to enable children from low or no income families to attend secondary school in the city, with the ultimate aim of helping them complete their education, find a job and break the cycle of poverty.

How can you help? – Donate £200 to provide the uniform, study books, writing materials, exercise books and educational equipment needed for a student to attend school for one year. Donate here

Further  information Condor Trust understands that financial help is often not enough, and in addition provide a range of academic, pastoral and sometimes medical support to ensure that students can benefit fully from their education.        
The NGO has a fundraiser based in the UK and so we are privileged to be able to work in conjunction with her, to make the money work even harder.