Christmas Gift 2021

Your gift will go towards funding the work of the LATA Foundation, for example:

A £5 gift could fund:

  • A pair of ballet shoes for a child attending Projeto Vidançar in Brazil; a dance school located in Rio’s Complexo do Alemão favela.

A £10 gift could fund:

  • The cost of food, clothing and education for a child for two weeks at Friends of Alalay, a home for former street children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

A £20 gift could fund:

  • Basic supplies for a student for a full year at Abriendo Mentes; a small community-based project in Costa Rica which aims to empower individuals from two rural coastal communities through education and community development programs.
  • Four hours of academic tutoring and/or community English lessons for children in a small town on Colombia’s North Caribbean coast (who have been out of education for over 21 months due to the pandemic) or provide a desk and chair for a child taking part in the academic tutoring programme via community project El Rio.

A £50 gift could fund:

  • Supplementary remuneration through charity partner Healing Venezuela, to three junior doctors in Venezuela for a month, to help prevent more doctors leaving the country.
  • Food for a rescued mammal for six weeks including sloths, monkeys (spider, squirrel, whitefaces capuchin, howler), anteaters, kinkajous, coatis, porcupines, badgers, agoutis, armadillos via Kids Saving the Rainforest, Costa Rica

A £100 gift could fund:

  • The uniform, study books, writing materials, exercise books and educational equipment needed for a disadvantaged student to attend secondary school for 6 months via the Condor Trust, Ecuador
  • One participant on the XtraOrdinary Women’s Bootcamp Course for micro-business owners in Nicaragua, aimed at empowering local women and helping them out of poverty.