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The LATA Foundation 2022 Projects

Thanks to our generous donors and wonderful volunteers, the LATA Foundation is proud to continue working with these awe-inspiring projects in 2022

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LATA Foundation’s Projects for 2021

Below you will find more information about our fantastic projects, including our new project ‘El Rio Foundation’ in Colombia and exciting news from Rio de Janeiro-based Projeto Vidançar.

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For over 25 years the Galapagos Conservation Trust have supported community outreach and sustainable development programmes alongside practical conservation projects.

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Since 1999, Maya Midwifery International have acted as an advisory and fundraising board to the 71 Maya midwives who form the ACAM (Association of Midwives of the Mam Speaking Area) in Guatemala.  The midwives live and work in remote, desperately poor and malnourished indigenous Mam-speaking communities in Quetzeltango, Guatemala.

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Healing Venezuela works closely with local medical teams across the country, to bring personnel, equipment and specialist knowledge together to improve the lives of those needing help as the humanitarian crisis deepens throughout Venezuela

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The LATA Foundation confirms its 2020 charity initiatives

In 2020, the LATA Foundation will be supporting ten core projects across Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

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2019 Projects announced!

The LATA Foundation has confirmed its 2019 charity initiatives focusing on conservation, poverty relief, education and community development. A selection of at least ten core projects will be supported throughout the year as well as one-off contributions to other essential causes.

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Our 2018 Autumn Update!

It is a year since the LATA Foundation had the good fortune that Chris Pickard agreed to become our Chairperson. Under his guidance the Foundation continues to grow, looking at new ways to engage both with our projects and LATA members. We have also had new people join our team bringing fresh ideas, skills and energy – As always we are grateful to all the volunteers that give their time so willingly, and to the companies and individuals that support us through donations of time and money.  Read more

Our 2018 Spring Update!

The LATA Foundation has the good fortune to work with some truly inspirational, often grass roots projects and this year we are proud to continue to support a diverse group of causes. These include: a nutritional and family programme by SmallChange4BigChange in Santa Caterina de Baranhona, Guatemala; and reinforcing a vital unmade road in the Telica region of Nicaragua, with Neuvas Esperanzas. Read more

Our 2017 Autumn/Winter Newsletter is now out!

2017 has been another interesting year for the LATA Foundation team – We continue to be be inspired by the amazing work of the grassroots projects we support. Konojel, the women’s co-operative restaurant project we supported in San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, has become self-sufficient, and the subsequent English lessons have been well received. Read more