Looking For Jaguar Project

The LATA Foundation is proud to have supported the installation of camera traps in the Brazilian Amazon with the Cristalino Foundation as part of the Looking For Jaguar Project.

The cameras were installed in March 2022 (there are currently 17) and so far it has been possible to record 8,730 individuals from 48 species, 27 species of mammals; 19 species of Birds, and two species of reptiles. Regarding endangered species (IUCN, 2023. The Red List of Threatened Species), the Cristalino Foundation managed to register 14 in different categories of threats, with 12 records of seven identifiable jaguars that are already being monitored. The Foundation is initiating a partnership with specialists in mammals from the Federal University of Mato Grosso – UFMT so that they can analyze and publish scientific articles with these results, which, even partial, are already extremely important for the conservation of jaguars and other endangered species in the Cristalino Reserves.

Take a look at some of the incredible footage they have captured this year of jaguar activity, a reminder just how magnificent these creatures truly are.

Incredible jaguar footage caught on camera trap – April 2023

For more information visit: tps://www.fundacaocristalino.org.br/en/sobre-a-fundacao/quem-somos/.