In light of Covid-19, the LATA Foundation is supporting a range of emergency appeals in Latin America with funds being directed to those most in need.

The world, for now at least, seems a very different place from when we were deciding the projects we would support for 2020 back in December.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting everyone’s daily lives and impacting the projects that we support in Latin America. Many of our projects have had to change their focus in the recent months to be able to provide more practical assistance on the ground to those most in need. We are responding as best as we can to these requests and have set up an emergency Covid-19 appeal to raise urgent funds.

You can donate HERE.

Below are details of some of the first donations we have made. We are, as always, extremely grateful to our donors, in particular to Canning House and our volunteers who make this possible and will be adding details of further initiatives in the coming weeks.

  • Providing PPE & sanitization products for midwives serving rural communities in Guatemala
  • Delivering meals to disadvantaged children in Peru
  • Providing PPE for Junior Doctors working in hospitals throughout Venezuela
  • Helping a centre for street children in Bolivia address extra Covid-related costs
  • Providing basic necessities for students and their families in Quito
  • Providing food-packages for porters in Peru whose income has dried up due to lack of tourism
  • Providing first-aid kits and PPE to remote Afro-Caribbean communities in Colombia
  • Purchasing e-tablets for children in Peru to enable remote learning
  • Providing food parcels for female artisans in Brazil
  • Funding food for animals rehabilitating in a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica 
  • Financing seed credit for female entrepreneurs in Panama
  • Providing hygiene packs for female entrepreneurs in Nicaragua
  • Supporting food distribution and relief for local families in Costa Rica

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