Canning House partner with LATA Foundation

UK based charity, Canning House, whose mission is to build relationships and understanding between the UK, Latin America, and Iberia, have chosen to partner with the LATA Foundation ( to donate emergency funds to communities most-in-need in Latin America during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The LATA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Latin American Travel Association (, support grassroots projects throughout Latin America. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on the projects the Foundation supports and many have been forced to change their focus this year to be able to provide more emergency assistance on the ground to those most in need. As a result, in June 2020, the LATA Foundation set up an emergency Covid-19 appeal to raise urgent funds which Canning House has chosen to support.

Canning House who has set aside funds specifically to help those in need during the pandemic, has selected the following projects to co-fund alongside the LATA Foundation:

  • Providing PPE equipment for Mayan Midwives in Guatemala
  • Supporting street children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Supplying PPE and first-aid kits for rural afro-Caribbean communities in Colombia
  • Training for female entrepreneurs to help provide sources of income – Nicaragua
  • Providing food parcels for artisans in Brazil
  • Providing PPE equipment for hospitals in Venezuela

Together, the LATA Foundation and Canning House have donated £16,000 to the above projects.

In the words of Canning House Chair, Nick McCall:

“On behalf of the Board of Canning House and indeed our Corporate and Individual members I am delighted to announce this collaboration with the LATA Foundation in what we all believe are unprecedented times.  I would urge the greater UK community to join us in this effort as a way of showing solidarity with Latin America as the world moves to dealing with the devastating after-effects of this pandemic.”

Chair of the LATA Foundation, Jude Berry, says:

“No one could have predicted the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the devastating impact this has had for communities around the world. The LATA Foundation relies heavily on support from the travel industry which is a sector that has also been hit hard as a result of the pandemic. This contribution by Canning House could not have come at a better time and their donation will help provide a lifeline for many of these communities. I would like to extend my most heartfelt thank you to Canning House on behalf of the LATA Foundation. “

Support the LATA Foundation during the festive period

During the festive period, the LATA Foundation has also created a collection of Christmas gift certificates to suit every budget. For example, £5 will cover a pair of ballet shoes for a child attending Projeto Vidançar; a dance school for underprivileged children in one of Brazil’s favelas.  Or for bigger budgets, £100 would cover one month’s worth of PPE equipment for five Mayan midwives operating in remote areas of Guatemala.


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