The LATA Foundation urgent appeal to help families in Ecuador

photo courtesy of UNHCR

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit the northern coastal region of Ecuador on 16th April has caused considerable damage to towns and villages and has taken hundreds of lives as well as injured thousands. The country has come together in great efforts to help with relief through many different initiatives and showing great solidarity. However, as with any natural disaster there is still, and will be, much to do in terms of rebuilding and recuperating communities and lives affected by the earthquake.

We feel that we can act as a channel through which donations can be made and so the LATA Foundation is appealing for funds as a tourism & hospitality industry response to provide immediate humanitarian relief but also medium to longer term funding to help rebuild and restore the tourism & hospitality industry along the coast. We are in touch with a number of NGOs and organisations to to see how best we can help to make a difference.


Please mark your donation Ecuador Appeal in the comments box at the end of the process.