Yariguarenda – Argentina

Location: Yariguarenda, Tartagal, Salta, Argentina

The Project: The Yariguarenda Guaraní Community is formed by 50 families. Since 2015, a group of young people have decided to organize themselves to offer community tourism services with the purpose of generating decent work sources that guarantee the care of their natural and cultural resources. Having a self-managed work alternative allows young people to remain in their village, generate local roots and reduce migration to large cities. This project aims to empower the community members through a visitor’s centre and the development of cycling tours. The visitors centre was inaugurated on Saturday 16 December 2017.

Our support: In 2018, the LATA Foundation is working with the Buena Vida Foundation to help the Yariguarenda community with local development through community tourism. Previously, the LATA Foundation’s funding was used towards materials to build a visitors centre and equipment to develop the cycling tours. This project was also partially funded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Salta and the Sustainable and Solidary Tourism NOA Program of Salta.

Further information: The community have developed a range of tourist services with activities such as: 1) Jungle paths and bike trails, 2) traditional cooking workshops, 3) visit the Virgen de la Peña Sanctuary and 4) Enjoy the experiences of the Guarani culture.