Sinal do Vale – Brazil

Location Brazil – Sinal do Vale is located in the 10,0000 population low-income neighbourhood of Santo Antonio, in the city of Duque de Caxias, 50km from Rio de Janeiro.

The ProjectSinal do Vale founded in 2011 is a Brazilian NGO focused around an experimental learning center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals. Their projects include reforestation programmes, creating eco-gardens, nature based education in local schools and community based solutions to address issues in Santo Antonio. The NGO has set up a Vila Limpa (“clean village”) project as the community of Santo Antonio faces a serious sanitation problem. The project aims to bring together local community leaders, businesses and municipal government to create solutions that provide an appropriate destination to all solid waste produced in the community. The waste management project will improve the quality of life and health of the Santo Antonio community, currently 4000 tonnes of waste is produced per month. 

Our SupportIn 2020 the LATA Foundation is funding the construction of 5 eco-points and related education materials. Providing the community of Santo Antonio with funding to construct trash collection, recycling points and an education programme will expand the capacity of the waste infrastructure to be able to deal with the quantity of waste produced and clean up the neighbourhood. This will ensure that the fragile environment is sustainably managed to enable future generations to visit. 

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