Ecoan Reforestation

Location – The Sacred Valley, Peru

The Project – The Ecoan reforestation project is an initiative which aims to plant a million native trees in the Sacred Valley by 2020. Although this target seems ambitious, the sheer determination of the local communities involved, backed by the local NGO, ECOAN, make it a very feasible target.

Our support – The total number of trees planted to date now stands at 250,000. Of these, 30,000 have been provided by the LATA Foundation, covering an area of 30 acres. Through this funding, ECOAN has also been able to purchase seedlings and fencing to protect the saplings planted. Through contact with the LATA Foundation, one of Peru’s online facilities for booking bus tickets is also supporting the reforestation campaign by pledging one tree for every five tickets sold, or for every 10,000 searches.

How can you help? – Donate £16 to buy 25 saplings. Donate here

Further information – What really attracts the LATA Foundation to this project is that it unites communities in grassroots action to battle against the effects of deforestation by spending whole days planting trees. The project is a whole family affair; the men dig the holes, the women plant the trees and the kids pick up the plastic. Through this work ethic it is possible for 250 people to plant 10,000 trees a day.

The LATA Foundation sees this project as vital in helping to reforest the high Andes, to provide habitat for endangered species of flora and fauna and to produce essential resources for sustainable energy supplies for the local communities. As tourism has also been a factor in the deforestation of this region, the project is a fantastic way to promote sustainable tourism.