Children Change Colombia

Location – Bogatà, Colombia

The Project – Tiempo de Juego, a Colombian NGO, supports children and young people who are at risk of forced recruitment and violence in their communities. Through innovative arts, drama and music activities, the project encourages the children to explore the challenges they face in their daily lives and help them develop the skills to overcome these. In this way, Tiempo de Juego hopes to equip children with the tools needed to create a safer community and forge a brighter future for themselves.

Our support – The LATA Foundation has supported the Tiempo de Juego project by funding the training of youth leaders and peer training. An essential part of the successful Tiempo de Juego methodology, the professional training of young participants of the program has inspired them to adopt the values and skills they have learnt in the project, lead activities themselves and become positive role models for their whole community.

Further Information – Since 2007, Tiempo de Juego have been developing ways of playing centred around guiding ‘principles’ like honesty, respect, tolerance, equality, commitment and teamwork. The idea was that the principles could be applied in other areas of the children’s lives, helping to protect them from the numerous risks they faced. Since 2013, Children Change Colombia (formerly Children of the Andes) and Tiempo de Juego have been working together to bring this project more expressly out into the community and into schools. Over the year 200 children and young people will take part in activities in either drama, music, film and photography, or visual arts – subjects chosen by the young people themselves.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to updating you on the important progress made by Tiempo de Juego.

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